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In our upcoming book, Christian Marriage Coaching in a Box: How a Wife Can Heal from Insecurity and Mend a Broken Marriage, we want to help the married woman to look at herself.

We share our personal stories of unmet expectations, pain, and ultimately the restoration of our marriage relationship. Mainly written from a female perspective, Tiffany shares how she struggled with loneliness, anger, and insecurity.

Yes, women, even Christian women struggle with marriage insecurity!

This book is filled with a ton of fictional stories about women who allow their insecurities to take them down roads of destruction such as: jealousy, discontentment, adultery, perfectionism, and many other areas. It

It also details how Biblical personalities, such as Gideon, Moses, and Saul handled insecurity. It also addresses the following topics:

  • Why Your Husband Cannot Be Your Savior
  • What Insecurity is and Where it Originated From
  • The Lies We Believe from Satan
  • Does God Really Care About the Hurt, Pain, and the Abuse from Your Past?

The book is called Christian Marriage Coaching in a Box because it offers marriage coaching questions and it’s convenient, personal, and life-changing.

If you want to read a good mix realistic fiction and non-fiction with a clear-cut system for helping you to work towards a stronger marriage, then stay tuned for this book. It will change you and help you to change the atmosphere of your marriage for a better future and a better happily ever after!

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We respect your privacy.
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