3 Things to Consider When a Scandal Hits Your Marriage

You may be familiar with the hit show, Scandal.

But what about the long-term effects of a Scandal. Are they good or bad?

Whether you’ve been in a scandal or whether you are currently in a scandal there are three things you need to know so you can protect your heart and your marriage from ultimate destruction.

1) What is a scandal?

a scandal is a dark place that a person is ashamed of or scared to address or revisit.

When you consider the character Olivia in the show Scandal, I’m sure she’s not shouting to the world that she’s committing adultery with one of the most powerful men in the world. Nobody wants to admit when they’re caught in a scandal. Would you?

2) A scandal is a sin which starts in the mind. Nothing happens unless it starts in the mind. Everything you see begins in the mind.

3) if you want to deal with and change your scandal, you’ll need to change your mind. As I discuss in my teleseminar, True Confessions of a Committed Wife:How a Past Scandal Almost Ruined My Marriage! I talk about a personal scandal that really hit my marriage.

The one thing I had to do was to educate myself and change my mind about:

God, His view of me and my scandal, and the scandal itself.

For one, God loved me and still does. The scandal was apart of my past so it didn’t need to be apart of my future or my present.

And I had to forgive myself. This would require me to educate myself.

If you want to learn how God sees you and you want to change your mind about your scandal, I recommend the book, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer . It will help you to discover the mind sets that will keep you imprisoned by a scandal, but it will offer you a key to help you to escape.

if you want to be free, wait no longer, unlock your heart, your marriage, and your mind today with Battlefield of the Mind.


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