A Sexless Marriage: The Doorway to Adultery…Even in A Christian Marriage!


Don't Let Your Marriage Get Hit with a Scandal - Avoid a Sexless Marriage!

Don’t Let Your Marriage Get Hit with a Scandal – Avoid a Sexless Marriage!

Is a sexless marriage worth dealing with a scandal?

As a Christian woman, you have the power to keep your husband from straying and you have the power to keep him coming home.

As I stated before in my video blog, Scandal, Sex, Adultery, and Christian Marriage one thing that can cause a man to commit adultery and get caught in a scandal is a sexless marriage.

While some men will cheat even if their wives give them sex, a large majority of men just want to make passionate love to their wives.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, the wife holds back her body, her love, and the passion her husband so desperately longs for.

I know because I was guilty.

I didn’t hold back sex from my husband, but sometimes I didn’t bring the passion.

We learned during pre-marital counseling that sex played a major part of marriage, so NOT doing it would be sin, (1Corinthians 7:3-5). But my husband wasn’t excited when I gave him what he refers to as “pity sex.” In other words I didn’t bring my “A” game into the bedroom. Pity sex is when you don’t give your love and passion during lovemaking.

Why is passionate sex so important to the Christian marriage relationship?

Below you’ll find 4 reasons


  • Helps you to connect with your husband both emotionally and physically  
  • Keeps you from falling to temptation
  • Communicates to your husband that you love him
  • Feels good!

I must admit that most women can’t just jump in the bed and “get busy.” Our minds must be clear and it helps if we feel loved by our husbands.

After all how can you make love if you don’t “feel” loved?

This may take some work, but you can do it.

  • For one, reflect on the good things about your husband.
  • Consider that sex is a good thing.
  • And last, get some rest!

Do your best to make love to your husband. Give everything you’ve got and put forth the effort enjoy him during this time.

Sometimes you have to press pass not wanting to have sex until the feelings come back.

If you make the decision not to have sex, it will hurt God, your husband, and ultimately your marriage relationship.

But if you make the decision to love your husband passionately during lovemaking, you can help your marriage and prevent the scandal of adultery from ruining your marriage!


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