Breast Cancer – The Value of Strong Relationships

Breast Cancer Shock

In December 2013, Tammy Rojek had the shock of her life.

Although many of her family members had been previously diagnosed with the disease, Tammy hoped that she would not fall prey to breast cancer. 

“Early detection is the key,” Tammy stated. 

Tammy took the 3D test, which was the only way they found the cancer so early.

Since tumors were in both breasts, she had a double mastectomy with reconstruction in February of 2014. Fortunately, Tammy didn’t need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation. 

A Strong Support System

She had a strong support system, including her husband, family, friends, and co-workers. 

Now a breast cancer survivor, Tammy said these relationships played a big part in her healing and recovery.

Tammy received so much love from her support system with everything including meals, a massage, and a free trip to the beauty salon, to name a few.

While Tammy experienced an outpouring of love during her cancer journey, unfortunately, many women with breast cancer don’t have this type of support. And those who know women with breast cancer may want to help, but don’t know where to begin. 

Tips for Friends of Breast Cancer Patients

For this reason, Tammy advises friends, family, and others who know people with breast cancer to show support by:

1) Asking Questions such as, “How are you?” and “How are you feeling?”

2) Being a good listener.

3) Being available.

Lastly, Tammy advises all women to become proactive by getting an annual mammogram, and quickly finding a support system if they find out they have breast cancer. 




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