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Marriage and Communication Series: #11 Saying the Wrong Words Causes Conflict in Marriage

Why Christian Women Have Marriage and Communication Problems: 

11. Saying the Wrong Words

Marriage and Communication Series: #9 Unforgiveness

Why Christian Women Have Marriage and Communication Problems: 

#9 Unforgiveness

Marriage and Communication Series: Marriage and Sex #4- A Sexless Marriage

Why Christian Women Have Marriage and Communication Problems:

4. A Sexless Marriage

Give us your thoughts. How can a sexless marriage affect your communication?

Click Here for Awesome Books on Sex and Marriage

Scripture on Sex and Marriage: 1 Corinthians 7:3-5

Marriage Communication and Nails!

If you think you’re the only one who struggles with marriage communication, think again! Watch this video and you’ll realize that you’re not alone. Can you identify with this? Leave your comments!



Marriage and Communication: Marriage and Money – #3 Money Mismanaged

Why Christian Women Have Marriage and Communication Problems:

3. Money is Mismanaged

Coming Soon!

My New Book

Is Marriage a Joke:

How the Christian Woman Can Kick Off Communication

Without Causing More Marriage Problems

Marriage and Communication Series: Why Money and Marriage Talk Cause Conflict

Money and Marriage Don’t Mix…Or Do They?

They Must in Order to Have a Great Marriage.

Tell Us About the Best Time to Discuss Money.


Marriage and Communication: Marriage and Money – #1 I Have No Money

Why Christian Women Have Marriage and Communication Problems:

1. Lack of Money

Marriage and Money Can Affect Marriage Communication and Cause Marriage Problems.

It Can Be Very Difficult for Couples to Discuss Money, but It Must Be Done. As a Wife, You Can Do Your Part.

Watch This Video to Find Out How You Can Start Doing Your Part!


Marriage and Communication Series Introduction

Marriage and communication go hand in hand. Effective communication in marriage is the key to a strong, happy marriage. Here is a message from Tiffany Godfrey, the Committed Wife where she talks about some upcoming marriage tips. Leave your comment below and forward this link to other married women.


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Marriage Conference in VA Beach!

Happy New Year!

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Banana Pudding: It’s the Little Things That Count!

I recently found myself falling in love all over again…with my husband!


I’ll start from the beginning. My husband, Dexter and I attended a family gathering a few weeks ago. I truly love and enjoy our family, so I after I ate lunch, I spent time talking and laughing with everyone before we left. A few minutes later, Dexter brought me some banana pudding. Yes, banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts that I rarely get a chance to eat, so when I do, I appreciate it, (especially when it’s cooked properly!)

But I was even more excited because my husband took time to think about me. I had no idea they were serving banana pudding, but Dexter knew I enjoyed banana pudding. And that was special to me.

This was a little thing, but it helped me to appreciate, admire, and rekindle my love for him…literally.

Today instead of complaining about what your husband is NOT doing or what he hasn’t given you, focus on the little things he has done in the last 7 days to make you feel special.

What is it for you? What is the “Little Thing” that makes you feel special and remind you of why you married your husband? A massage, a box of chocolates, a date, or even a kiss?