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What If Your Spouse Doesn’t Support Your Dreams?

What’s Killing Your Dreams?

Often we allow the routine of marriage and adulthood to kill our dreams.
We spend our childhood wishing, hoping, and believing in our dreams. And by faith, we believe they will come true.

And while we may pursue some of them, many of our dreams change or evolve as we enter into adulthood.

For instance, as women, one of our biggest dreams can be to get married and possibly start a family.

Would you agree?

But what happens when you get the husband and then you settle into a life of mediocrity? It’s not to say that marriage is a mediocre thing. It’s not. Through God’s grace, I’ve actually been doing marriage for almost 18 years.

But with marriage, it’s so easy to settle for a routine type of life which can often include:

  • Cleaning the house
  • Going to church
  • Taking care of the kids
  • Cooking dinner
  • And so on…

If we continue down this route, we can risk becoming stuck and staying in a path that will cause us to abort our dreams and never pursue our God-given purpose.

And our hearts will ache because we missed the bus to travel on God’s adventurous journey to our destiny.


Is It Really Your Husband’s Fault?
Does pursuing your dreams require you to step out of the norm?
Of course!

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Does it require support from your spouse? I would say yes.

But the question is what type of support do you expect your husband to show you as you take small steps towards pursuing this dream?

I’ve talked with many wives and they have shared with me that they don’t feel their husbands support them in their dreams.
When I ask why they feel this way, it’s often due to their unmet expectations.
For instance, most husbands won’t say, “Your dream sucks and I will not allow you to pursue it.”

But many husbands will support from afar.
And while many won’t join you in this dream, they will support their wives by giving them the time to pursue their dreams. And in some cases, they will even contribute financially to help make the dream come true.

But even if you still feel your husband will not support your dreams ask yourself, “Do I really have a solid plan or am I just trying to figure it out?”
Often it’s easier to show your husband a clear-cut system of what you are doing and how you will reach your goal.

If not, it may seem like he doesn’t support your goals, when in actuality he is waiting for you to get clarity on what you really want to do.

Finding a Proven System to Succeed and Pursue Your Dream
While I’ve been writing for awhile, I feel like I have finally found a system to help me take my writing to another level so I can reach more people and touch lives for Christ.

It happened when I recently attended a book writing conference called Igniting Souls Conference. This was one of the best book writing conference I’ve ever attended.
My husband had been speaking at this conference for years, and he had been bragging on it so much that I became curious.

This year I attended, and I was blown away because this conference exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

  • How?
  • It was a God-centered event that was practical and safe.
  • The other attendees welcomed me as family, so I instantly felt apart.
  • The leaders, Kary, David, and other speakers offered proven tactics for book
  • writing and creating a business, based on my passions, gifts, and talents. And their strategies help whether you are an author, speaker, or coach.
  • They offered some clear, practical marketing tactics for promoting my book and coaching business/ministry.
  • I met a ton of friends who love God and have a strong connection with Him, based on their testimonies.
  • I’ve connected with a team of other writers who will support me along my book writing and marketing journey.

For me, the Igniting Souls Tribe is a great fit. If you’re looking for a strong support system that will help walk the journey with you, take the first step by clicking here to connect with this group.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.