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Get Naked and Get Your Husband’s Attention with Makeup!

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Imagine going to your annual family reunion this summer, and the first person you see is your first cousin, Sandra.

Every year it’s the same thing: She’s negative, bitter, and mad at the world. Not to mention, she’s jealous of you, because she’s working on getting married for the third time and you’ve been married to the same man for over 10 years.

Sandra’s not a bad looking girl, but her attitude stinks. And her foundation makes her skin look cakey. Even worse, that foundation is two shades lighter than her complexion and it looks awful! 

Do you know anybody like Sandra?

What about you? Does your makeup feel cakey and yucky, especially in the summer? Do you feel like your day is too busy to apply a quick coat of foundation?

Would you be willing to try something if it could help your husband to pay more attention to you and come home at night…just to see his beautiful wife?

Do you have a foundation you’re satisfied with or are you looking for an inexpensive foundation that will give you a smooth look that blends well with your skin? 

If so, I’ve found a solution for you!

I recommend Nearly Naked Foundation.

Before Adding Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation

No Makeup – Before Adding Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation

After Adding the Nearly Naked Foundation

After Adding the Nearly Naked Foundation Plus the Finishing Touches of Mascara, Eye Shadow, and Lipstick

I've Added the Nearly Naked Foundation

I’ve Added the Nearly Naked Foundation (Color Cappuccino)


As a fan of Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, I love this makeup because I’ve found the shade that matches my complexion perfectly, (See above pictures.)

By the way, I’m wearing Cappuccino. If you’re my complexion, Click the following link and order yourself a bottle today. Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup, Cappuccino, 1 oz (Note: Other shades are available at the end of this post.)

Blends Well, Goes on Smoothly.

Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation Blends Well, Goes on Smoothly.

It’s a great product for the following reasons:

  • It blends well with your skin and offers you a nice, creamy smooth finish for that natural look.
  • It’s lightweight so it won’t look or feel cakey. Also, this makes it perfect for the summer. (I’ve worn it all day and it still felt smooth!)
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from so there’s one to match your skin color in most cases.
  • It has an SPF of 20 to prevent sunburn
  • It’s easy to apply so it won’t take too much time as you prepare for work, church, a date with your husband, or another important event
  • It’s versatile because it’s great for normal, sensitive, and dry skin, and it can be used year round 
  • It’s affordable at less than $10 so it won’t break your pocketbook. Plus, manufacture coupons for this product are available on a consistent basis. (Cha Ching!)
  • It’s a long lasting foundation and it won’t fade, so you’ll get great coverage throughout the day with no need to reapply it

It also gives me a smooth feel, so I feel young and vibrant, even at the age of almost 40!

In addition my husband loves it, it’s inexpensive, and I like the fact that it only takes about 2-3 minutes to apply. I also use a press powder for a finishing touch.

Below you’ll find a few cons about Nearly Naked:

  • It doesn’t fully cover dark marks and scars
  • While there are a variety of shades available for women of many colors, there may not be a shade available for women with a darker complexion.

The darkest shade is the one I’m currently wearing, Cappuccino, (see above pictures.)    

I love this product because it blends in well with my skin, it’s smooth, and it’s inexpensive. It also helps me to feel better about myself without that cakey feel and look.

You can’t lose with this product: Save time, money, and start looking good again for both you and your husband!

Which shade works for you? Go ahead, find your shade, and order it now:

Get Your Husband’s Undivided Attention and Prevent Adultery!

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Scandal – What’s Missing in Your Marriage?

How Can a Christian Woman Overcome a Sexless Marriage?

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A Sexless Marriage: The Doorway to Adultery…Even in A Christian Marriage!


Don't Let Your Marriage Get Hit with a Scandal - Avoid a Sexless Marriage!

Don’t Let Your Marriage Get Hit with a Scandal – Avoid a Sexless Marriage!

Is a sexless marriage worth dealing with a scandal?

As a Christian woman, you have the power to keep your husband from straying and you have the power to keep him coming home.

As I stated before in my video blog, Scandal, Sex, Adultery, and Christian Marriage one thing that can cause a man to commit adultery and get caught in a scandal is a sexless marriage.

While some men will cheat even if their wives give them sex, a large majority of men just want to make passionate love to their wives.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, the wife holds back her body, her love, and the passion her husband so desperately longs for.

I know because I was guilty.

I didn’t hold back sex from my husband, but sometimes I didn’t bring the passion.

We learned during pre-marital counseling that sex played a major part of marriage, so NOT doing it would be sin, (1Corinthians 7:3-5). But my husband wasn’t excited when I gave him what he refers to as “pity sex.” In other words I didn’t bring my “A” game into the bedroom. Pity sex is when you don’t give your love and passion during lovemaking.

Why is passionate sex so important to the Christian marriage relationship?

Below you’ll find 4 reasons


  • Helps you to connect with your husband both emotionally and physically  
  • Keeps you from falling to temptation
  • Communicates to your husband that you love him
  • Feels good!

I must admit that most women can’t just jump in the bed and “get busy.” Our minds must be clear and it helps if we feel loved by our husbands.

After all how can you make love if you don’t “feel” loved?

This may take some work, but you can do it.

  • For one, reflect on the good things about your husband.
  • Consider that sex is a good thing.
  • And last, get some rest!

Do your best to make love to your husband. Give everything you’ve got and put forth the effort enjoy him during this time.

Sometimes you have to press pass not wanting to have sex until the feelings come back.

If you make the decision not to have sex, it will hurt God, your husband, and ultimately your marriage relationship.

But if you make the decision to love your husband passionately during lovemaking, you can help your marriage and prevent the scandal of adultery from ruining your marriage!


What is a Scandal and Where Does It Start?

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10 Frugal Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $50

As I looked online and talked with people, I discovered that many were buying huge Mother’s Day Gifts: cars, homes, home makeovers, etc.

But what can you get mom or that special person in your life when you only have about $50 to spend?

Here are a few gifts to consider.

And guess what? You won’t need to deal with the hassle and stress of shopping!

Below you’ll find 10 items for under $50.

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3 Things to Consider When a Scandal Hits Your Marriage

You may be familiar with the hit show, Scandal.

But what about the long-term effects of a Scandal. Are they good or bad?

Whether you’ve been in a scandal or whether you are currently in a scandal there are three things you need to know so you can protect your heart and your marriage from ultimate destruction.

1) What is a scandal?

a scandal is a dark place that a person is ashamed of or scared to address or revisit.

When you consider the character Olivia in the show Scandal, I’m sure she’s not shouting to the world that she’s committing adultery with one of the most powerful men in the world. Nobody wants to admit when they’re caught in a scandal. Would you?

2) A scandal is a sin which starts in the mind. Nothing happens unless it starts in the mind. Everything you see begins in the mind.

3) if you want to deal with and change your scandal, you’ll need to change your mind. As I discuss in my teleseminar, True Confessions of a Committed Wife:How a Past Scandal Almost Ruined My Marriage! I talk about a personal scandal that really hit my marriage.

The one thing I had to do was to educate myself and change my mind about:

God, His view of me and my scandal, and the scandal itself.

For one, God loved me and still does. The scandal was apart of my past so it didn’t need to be apart of my future or my present.

And I had to forgive myself. This would require me to educate myself.

If you want to learn how God sees you and you want to change your mind about your scandal, I recommend the book, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer . It will help you to discover the mind sets that will keep you imprisoned by a scandal, but it will offer you a key to help you to escape.

if you want to be free, wait no longer, unlock your heart, your marriage, and your mind today with Battlefield of the Mind.


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