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So Young, So Soon…But God!

Do you remember the words, “In sickness and in health” when you repeated your wedding vows to your husband?

When you said those words would you have ever thought the sickness would have come? I didn’t.

My husband Dexter was 41 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Yes, 41 with prostate cancer! I’ll never forget when he first told me. He took the boys and me to a fast food restaurant and we sat down to eat. (That was unusual because we normally do the drive-thru.) We started talking and he asked me how I was.

We continued to talk and finally he told me the breaking news: “The doctor said I have prostate cancer.” I was shocked.

I replied, “Are you serious?” His answer was “Yes.”

My heart broke: for two reasons because it was Dexter, the love of my life and when you hear the word “cancer”, often the worst comes to mind. In addition, my dad also had prostate cancer. Thankfully my dad survived it and is cancer free today!

Since finding out Dexter had cancer, we’ve had a lot of support from our family, our doctors, and friends. 

The good thing is he caught it early.  When I tell people that my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, they often reply, “He’s so young!” My response is, but God is still good because:

He found the cancer early.

He went to the doctors, while some men don’t.

We have great doctors.

God is able!

Whatever your marriage situation is, whether it’s sickness, emotional, financial, etc. people will often have an opinion, but I want to encourage you to make the decision see the good in everything, whether it’s good or bad. I have, especially with my husband’s condition. I believe God will honor this because my focus is on Him and not the circumstances that do or could exist.

My sister, talk to me. Has your husband ever dealt with a sickness or do you know of anyone who has prostate cancer? Do you wish your husband would go to the doctor and get a check up? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Sharing your thoughts will be an encouragement to me and so many other women reading this post.