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Do You Really Need Sex for Your Marriage to Work?

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May the Best Man Win!

By the time you read this post, we will have (or be close to having) the results from the Presidential election. Is it important? In my opinion: Yes and no. Yes, because we need to have government, structure, and order for our country to function. But No because ultimately, God is in charge no matter who is in office.

During this election season, I’ve heard so many opinions, complaints, and reasons for why one candidate is better than the other. Although I voted, I didn’t have a strong opinion about this because there were good and bad qualities in both candidates.

I say this because so many people are expecting one man to save the world and make everything better. It can’t happen, no matter who is in office. While there can be some improvements made, there’s only one Man who can make everything better. That Man is Jesus Christ. And if you are a believer, you have this Man in the form of the Holy Spirit living inside you.

Let me say it again: God lives in you! So whether your candidate became President or not, I challenge you to look at where you are right now as a wife, a woman, a mother, a friend, a business person, etc. You have the power to make a difference, not because of who’s living in the White House, but because of who is living in you.

I want to hear from you: What changes can you make through the power of God to make a difference in your marriage, your family, and those who are under your influence?

Banana Pudding: It’s the Little Things That Count!

I recently found myself falling in love all over again…with my husband!


I’ll start from the beginning. My husband, Dexter and I attended a family gathering a few weeks ago. I truly love and enjoy our family, so I after I ate lunch, I spent time talking and laughing with everyone before we left. A few minutes later, Dexter brought me some banana pudding. Yes, banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts that I rarely get a chance to eat, so when I do, I appreciate it, (especially when it’s cooked properly!)

But I was even more excited because my husband took time to think about me. I had no idea they were serving banana pudding, but Dexter knew I enjoyed banana pudding. And that was special to me.

This was a little thing, but it helped me to appreciate, admire, and rekindle my love for him…literally.

Today instead of complaining about what your husband is NOT doing or what he hasn’t given you, focus on the little things he has done in the last 7 days to make you feel special.

What is it for you? What is the “Little Thing” that makes you feel special and remind you of why you married your husband? A massage, a box of chocolates, a date, or even a kiss?


Marriage Counseling Session – Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong?

This couple is having some major problems: communication, sex, attention, and so much more. Can you identify with anything they’re talking about? Who’s wrong and who’s right? How can they make their marriage right again?


Is Your Marriage (or Your Husband) Undergoing a Transition?

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Do You Need God’s Grace for Your Marriage?

Is Your Marriage on the Rocks?

Emotional Adultery. Is It Real?

So many women are struggling in their marriages, and they are frustrated with their husbands. It would be so easy to turn to another man for attention, compassion, and affection…but is it right?

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Christian Wife: To Submit or Not to Submit?

Do you have problems submitting to your husband? If so, in what areas and why do you think it’s such a struggle for you? Please leave your comments. We want to hear from you!

Laying It Down…But Not Giving It Up!

A few months ago, I made a major change in my plans, based on what I believe was God’s request. His request? “Lay it Down.”

For the past two years, I have been working on this site with the ultimate goal of helping women to see how important it is to focus on God and follow His lead on how to work at improving their marriages. I’ve written and spoken on communication, sex, finances, love, and many other topics. I also believe that my words and my example have set the stage for other women (through social media, webinars, e-mails, etc.), on how they should treat their husbands. But, for the last few months my commitment to my husband has been tested on a larger scale.

God impressed upon my heart to focus on helping my husband Dexter with his leadership training business. This meant I needed to pull away from to do whatever Dexter needed me to do. The funny thing is my husband’s love language is Acts of Service, so this would become an opportunity to demonstrate my love, respect, and committment for him and the institution of marriage.

What did this mean for me and Well, of course I was a little irritated for many reasons:

I didn’t want to give up my dream of writing articles, devotionals, and other items for women who were hungry to improve their marriages.

I had worked with Dexter in the past and it didn’t work as expected.

I wanted to focus on marriage, not leadership!

But, because I’ve tried to do things on my own in the past only to face setback after setback, only to find myself frustrated, upset, and a bit of a failure, I chose to say yes to God. Not only that, I’ve come to the point that I want God’s plan to be my top priority in everything, especially my marriage. After some reluctance, I made the decision to pull away somewhat from CommittedWife and help my husband to pursue his dream. You may be wondering: Why would she do that?

For one, I know my husband has my has my best interest at heart. As I work to please him, he will do the same for me when my season comes.

God will be pleased with my sacrifice and He will not leave me or forsake me.

I won’t be at peace until I do what God tells me to do.

The climate of my marriage depended on my decision to help my husband.

Since I’ve made that decision, I’ve been at peace. I’m doing the social media marketing for my husband’s organization, Leadership & Sales Academy. And I haven’t fully given up I’m just doing things a little differently. The main focus for now will be to use this blog to chronicle how I am learning to support my husband in his pursuits.

Surprisingly, I am enjoying what I do for my husband. I’m still able to pursue my passion of writing and I really believe in leadership because it’s the root of every organization, business, community, church, etc. Also, I feel good because I’m not only telling you to support your husband, but I’m doing it myself.

Now let me ask you: Has God told you to lay down or adjust your dream in order to help your husband? Are you having a hard time doing it? Is there a way you can still pursue your dream on a smaller scale for now in order to help your husband?  Please leave your comments. I’d love to hear from you because you can help other women to save their marriages!