Easy 4th of July Recipes…No Restaurants Included!

4th of July Recipe IdeasI especially love this time of year because I can dig into my 4th of July recipes for some added inspiration.

The summertime offers an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables to grill and eat all season.  During this time we grill almost EVERYTHING!!

I’ve never had many issues with eating fruits and vegetables so I often look forward to it.  And this works for me because I’ve never met a fruit that I didn’t like, and to my knowledge, the only vegetables I don’t like are peas and okra.  YUCK!!

I love cooking, but I’m absolutely thrilled when my husband gets on the grill and transforms himself in to “the grill master.”  I think our marriage grows even stronger during the summer months because we spend so much time talking and reconnecting.

Grilling is serious business you know!! In fact we probably could have written the act of grilling into our marriage vows.

We love to eat so we have everything from grilled vegetables, to grilled shrimp, grilled salmon, barbeque chicken, and anything else we can find.  And corn tastes especially delicious when grilled.

With all of these options, who needs boring food at those expensive restaurants when you can fire up your grill at home?

Since I do a lot of research on the Internet for my meals, I’d like to share one I recently found on the Food Network.

I can’t wait to make this dish again. It will wow your guests and whet their appetites for more, so make sure you’ve got your grill and food ready to go!


Jackie's Pic.This post was created by my dear friend, Jackie Reid. Mrs. Reid is a married mother of two handsome boys. She’s the founder and creator of BalanceandWomanhood.com. This site helps women to balance, family, work, and much more. She is a native of Virginia Beach, VA. For more information about Jackie, visit: http://www.balanceandwomanhood.com

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  1. My hubs is the resident griller, too. It’s funny, we work as a team when prepping and grilling food in a way that is pretty darn seamless. I’d never thought much about how it’s a sign that our marriage is going strong, but I dig it.

    Gonna check out that recipe!

  2. Jackie says:

    @Nicole, I never thought I’d be into it like he is but I am. I’m pretty good at prep and cleaning up (he makes a huge MESS) and he gets to marinate and grill. I love summertime!!!

  3. Ladies: I love the fact that you enjoy grilling. I enjoy eating it. In fact, I hope to get some BBQ ribs soon. I just have a taste for them. And as far as marriage, I’m glad this gives you both the opportunity to connect with your husbands. 🙂

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