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  1. Latasha says:

    Amen to this!

    I managed to put on a little makeup the other night for a friends farewell dinner. It took letting my toddler run amuck in our child unfriendly bedroom but it happened and my husband was definitely pleased.
    It’s been hard getting the time to doll up like I used to but I believe it’s worth it and I’m encouraged to try more.

    • Wife_4_Life says:

      Latasha: Thanks for your response and kudos for putting forth the extra effort. It seems like you’ve looked at the big picture. As long as your little one is safe, I say let him/her run around so you can look good for hubby. I know from experience that looking good can even change your husband’s attitude. He may say to a lot more when you look good for him. I know it may be hard, but consider the payoff. 🙂

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