It Was Nothing But a Distraction!

Have you ever had an attitude with your husband during a time when you should have been rejoicing with him? Well, I did. During our marriage conference weekend, we got into a disagreement about attending an event that was months away. We just couldn’t agree. As I normally do when I’m frustrated, I built up a wall, and shut down. There were even times when Dr. Chapman was talking that I barely heard what he said because I was so upset. When Dr. Chapman told us to show affection to our husbands, I did it… half-heartedly.

As the day progressed, God slowly tore down the wall I built up and reminded me that the frustration I was feeling was nothing more than a distraction. The whole purpose of the weekend was for me to draw closer to my husband and I was allowing something as petty as a little event stop that.

Sometimes ladies, if we’re not careful we can miss the blessing of the moment over something that’s not even important. The enemy wants you to get distracted by the little things so you won’t appreciate the big things you have such as a loving husband, a marriage that is still working, and a great God who loves you.

Today, declare: “I won’t be distracted by the small stuff!”

Tell me about a time when you let a minor distraction hinder your marriage.

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