It’s More Than You Think

During the marriage conference, I was reminded that my marriage is not just about me. I realize that not only my sons, but family, friends, and “secret admirers” (those who watch us from afar), will be affected by the good, the bad, and ugly of our marriage relationship.

For instance, this morning, an old “boyfriend” popped into my mind the moment I woke up. While I was tempted to linger on “the good old” days of high school, the laughter, and the happiness I felt when we were talking, I had to cast down this thought. Why? Because these thoughts could linger¬†through my mind and hinder my attitude towards my husband. Everyday, I recognize that I must make the decision to love my husband and keep my mind focused on him as the object of my desire. In turn, this requires that I keep my mind renewed through God’s Word. If not, I could find myself in a lot of trouble!

So many times we forget that we must constantly keep the mind of Christ even if it means we must fight for it because our lives and those around us will reap the benefits or the consequences of what we do in our marriages.

Who are some people in your life that will be affected by your marriage? Please comment.


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