Scandal – What’s the Real Message Behind it?

Red ShoesAdultery occurs every day. But what happens when it threatens your marriage?

If it were me, I would probably be devastated, and I would probably become like the Incredible Hulk!  (You won’t like me when I’m angry!) LOL.

Truthfully, I don’t know what I would do and none of us really know how we would handle a crisis in our marriage until it hits.

But my question to you is: Do you support adultery?

My guess is “No.”

Well let me ask this question another way, Do you enjoy the show, Scandal? Who are you rooting for?

The other woman or the President’s wife?

If you watch this show, I’m not judging you or trying to get into your business, but when you watch it, what kind of message does it send?

If you are rooting for the other woman, would you be rooting for the other woman if your marriage was hit with adultery?

As a Christian woman, I question if we should engage in these types of shows because remember, what we watch, listen to, and read becomes who we are. And it could ultimately affect how you view your marriage.

I encourage you to weigh the pros and the cons when watching certain TV shows and movies like Scandal.

Ask yourself, “Is this what I want my life to look like?” If not, is this something you should engage in or could you substitute it with a great book on marriage?

Don’t let the enemy deceive you with entertainment. Because if he deceives you with that, he will tap into other areas of your life that can cause a domino effect in your marriage. And he’ll laugh because he will know that it all started with an “innocent” TV show about a woman and her married boyfriend!

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  1. So true! I’ve often found myself watching a movie or a TV show and getting caught up in it and then realizing, “WHAT AM I DOING?!?!”

    Thanks for the reminder!

    And thanks for linking up to Wifey Wednesday!

    • Wife_4_Life says:

      Hey Sheila:

      Thanks for your response and your honesty. Thanks for the opportunity of allowing us to share our world with you. 🙂

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