Summer, Summer, Summertime…Summertime!

Years ago I remember listening to a song entitled Summertime, by actor, (then rapper), Will Smith. In the song, Smith talks about the wonderful times of summer.

Being a summer baby myself, I really enjoy the season. Why? Because the summer season is more laid back, the days are longer, and I can walk around in my shorts, sandals, and flip-flops. But the two things I dislike about summer are the bugs and the extremely hot days. Sometimes people act strange during the summer, too.

It’s a little like marriage; there are so many wonderful things about it, but marriage can go through seasons of extreme heat. Tempers flare, we become overly sensitive to everything our spouse says, and we can allow the annoying things about our husbands to “bug” us.

I believe God has you reading this blog today because He wants to use you. My sister, you can make a difference in your marriage. You can become the one who brings in the air to “cool” things down in your marriage. Make the choice to water your marriage with the Word of God, prayer, and unconditional love.

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