Benefits of Becoming a Member

Benefits of Becoming a Committed Wife Member can help you! While it’s not a counseling site, it will help you as a Christian wife to apply Biblical principles and become the agent of change for your marriage. Remember you can’t change your husband, but you can change by learning more about what God says in reference to marriage and seeking His face, (Zechariah 4:10).

On a weekly basis, we will provide you with materials such as devotionals, articles, special reports, and interviews from various Christian women who have learned to overcome the obstacles that come against marriage. Of course you could probably go online and try to get great information on your own, but how much time would you waste trying to find it? Become a member of and get instant information plus our thrilling bonus Marriage Help Kit that will help you to start rebuilding your marriage today! 

How much is your membership?”

It’s only $9.99 each month!

You can’t beat that.

Here’s What People are Saying About Their Committed Wife Memberships:

“I have gained a new perspective on situations after having read some of the Committed articles…” Melanie H.


“This website has been a blessing to me and has helped me to better understand my husband.”    Onika W. 

“…my communication has grown to a new level with my husband…” Gwen M.


If your answer is yes, then Click Here to start your adventure with God so you can ultimately fulfill the purpose He has for you.



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