Time Away to Declutter My Mind!

Today, I spent some time away from the Dexter and the boys. Nothing extravagant. I went to a fast food restaurant, had a meal, and spent time in my prayer journal. The beauty of it was that I had some time to think and clear my mind. After I spent time writing to God about how special He was to me, I wrote down some things I wanted to see Him do.

It’s funny, I write in my prayer journal at least 3-4 time per. week, but this afternoon, I was really able to write down some things that were important to me. The things I wrote down have been on my mind for awhile, but during my devotional time, I don’t remember writing these things down. I think sometimes the noise, the time schedules, the responsibilities of cleaning, feeding the baby, running errands, and other factors can clutter my mind.  Being away from these things for a couple hours gave me some time to think, and I mean really think. My mind was clear and I had nothing pushing me to finish quickly to rush to the next task.

I love my family, but I appreciate the times when I can just steal away, think, reflect, spend personal time with God, and just enjoy myself. We all need it at least every now and then!

What about you? Do you get time away to declutter your mind? If so, what are some things you do to relax and wind down? If you don’t how can you work on getting some time for yourself.

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