What Oil Do You Have Left in Your Marriage?

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  1. Jessica Coates says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    First I would like to say that I am so happy to have discovered your website. It is wonderful to see and experience the works of God through other like minded Christian Wives who are making an attempt to not just survive in their marriage but THRIVE in this HOLY SACRED Covenant!!! I got the link and information about your website from one of my good friends and spiritual Sisters in Christ. We together participate in a weekly Bible Study called BMR (Black Marriages Rock). We are a group of (7) African-American Wives who are so desperately seeking God’s guidance and understanding of Marriage and the importance of who He is calling us to be in our homes and the Kingdom of GOD. I simply love your last video Blog, “What Oil do you have left in your Marriage?” The story you shared really describes how desperate and helpless we can feel when we are going through a troubled time in our Marriage!! Girl, I sometime feel as if there is nothing left to give, do, or pray about!! But like you said, it’s imperative that at that very low point you take inventory and look at what you have to hold on to (your blessings). So my list that I was inspired to compose after hearing your blog post was: my 2 beautiful kids, wonderful vacation memories, the stability that my Husband consistantly provides (Mortgage & Bills paid).


    • Tiffany Godfrey says:

      Hi Jessica:

      Like you, I would say most women become overwhelmed with everything that comes with marriage. But as we look at the oil left, we can appreciate what we have despite the setbacks, frustrations, and failures. I’m glad you are able to see what oil you have left because you can build on that.

      For awhile now I have been keeping a thanksgiving journal in which I write love letters to God and thank Him for His many blessings. Sometimes I even write down a list of all of my husband’s positive qualities. It can help me to keep things fresh and helps me to appreciate the blessing I have in him.

      Thanks for your encouragement and it’s always good to know that other women are proponents of marriage like yourself and those who are in your group.

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